KitePassion Tarifa Kiteschool

We are passionate about kitesurfing in Tarifa. At KitePassion Tarifa Kiteschool we completely dedicate ourselves to make every single kiteboarding or surfing course safe and enjoyable. Our groups are reduced, therefore we adapt lessons to your level to ensure quality and your progress.


With over 10 years of experience at KitePassion Tarifa, we are sharing our passion for kitesurfing with children and adults alike.


In addition to kitesurfing, our school offers surfing, stand up paddle and windsurfing courses, anything that has to do with the sea. We are located in Tarifa, Southern Andalusia, the mecca of kitesurfing of Europe and one of the best places in the world.


Tarifa’s beaches, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean, provide the perfect conditions to practice water sports. Don’t wait any longer, come and enjoy them with our school on the best beaches in the world in the best atmosphere and accommodation in Tarifa.