How to get to Tarifa

The main point to start to move to Tarifa in most cases is Malaga. It could be also airports of Gibraltar, Jerez or Tangier, but Malaga is the biggest airport in the area.

You have to take a shuttle or a bus to get to Malaga’s bus station, which is in the center of Malaga.  There are two buses per day which run directly to Tarifa.

Every hour you could take a bus to Algecireas bus station and from there change a bus to Tarifa.

The distance to Tarifa from Malaga is aprox. 160 km. You spend aprox 3,5 hours to get to Tarifa.

In any Spanish airport you can rent a car for a week, which could be cheaper than take a taxi.

From Afrika there is only possibility and the easiest way to go with a ferry. It goes from Tanger to Tarifa every hour and takes 45 minutes to cross Gibraltar. 

Also we met people who came to Tarifa with bikes, horses, speedy boats and even walking. There are many interesting people already in the place!

Tarifa — is a beatiful place on the south side of Spain. Wonderful sunny beaches, the azure waves, breezes, and sand - all you need to breathe clean air and enjoy your life.

Tarifa has two main winds — Levante and Poniente.

Levante wind - it is breathing of the mainland. During the first two days of Levante, almost always, there is a gusty breeze. Then it calms down and blows up straighter. It is very good time for surf students - there are only small waves on the water. But, generally, Levante is a very strong wind. Often, it can blow a few days with 20–25 m/s.

Poniente wind — it blows from the ocean . The wind, which brings summer freshness and waves... But Ponente is really difficult time for beginners. With a sturdy wind - there are waves, at that time it is complicated to learn to stand on the board. For advanced kiters - it is going to be a favorite wind! Poniente is smooth and blows all day long! Furthermore, it blows into the shore at a slight angle. So you can play with the waves as you want - jump at them as from a springboard to the next wave, or slide down the wave and then stop off at the new one! The most wonderful dream — is the powerful Ponente and the full moon! Joy for kiters increases by several times!

Tarifa sometimes falls asleep and gives all surfers a rest. Near the city the fog hangs over the beaches. It consists of the evaporations from the ocean and the smell of Moroccan chocolate. Everything dwells, and the whole city falls asleep, such condition can last for one or two days. Then the wind changs the direction to remind people what an amazing place it is!

The best place in the world for kiters and surfers — Tarifa!!!