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03.07.2014 ID: 35

Kamasurfer Tarifa

Kamasurfer Tarifa has jointed our project The kite school and custom board shop is located in the beggining of Tarifa — oposite Mercadina. You can also take SUP lessons there as well as rent a SUP for

09.06.2014 ID: 34

Tarifa Master of Kite boarding

We congratulate Liem and Gisela. It were nice kite show! more details and pictures are here

01.06.2014 ID: 33

South Core is with us

The kite school South Core has jointed our project....

20.05.2014 ID: 32

Club Mistral is with us

Since beginning of the month the windsurf station "Club Mistral? has joined our project Congretulations!

14.05.2014 ID: 31

Alex Pastor is with us

The new school in Tarifa has been opened. The world champion in kite freestyle after an accident and damaged shoulder has decided to open his own shop and school in Tarifa.

29.04.2014 ID: 29

Last days of ponente

Last 5 days we had Ponente here. Every day was nice wind 16-22 knots of the constant wind from Atlantic ocean. 5 days of joy and happiness.

12.04.2014 ID: 28

Oferta especial kite en Tarifa

Kiteboarding, una sinergia de las fuerzas del viento y del agua, toma el aprovechamiento del viento hasta el extremo! Kiteboarding es la fusión definitiva de kiteflying (cometas de tracción)...

09.04.2014 ID: 27

Kiteschulen in Tarifa (Spanien)

Kitesurfen, eine Synergie aus Wind-und Wasserkräfte, nimmt die Nutzung der Wind auf die Spitze! Kiteboarding ist die ultimative Verschmelzung von Kiteflying (Powerdrachen) , Wakeboarden und Snowboarde

07.04.2014 ID: 26

Geschichte der Kiting - 2 Teil

Im Jahr 1822 , George Pocock , eine Lehrerin , Kinderwagen gemacht , die mit den vier Drachen gezogen wird. Er hat nicht die Steuern nicht bezahlt , weil er ohne den Pferden ritten . Im Jahr 1948 Roga

04.04.2014 ID: 25

Geschichte der Kiting - 1 Teil

Kiting - ist eine relativ neue Extremsportart mit großen Geschwindigkeit, die unglaubliche Sprünge und mit den vielen positiven Emotionen. Das Wort "Kiten" hat keinen Bezug auf das Spiel des Kindes.

02.04.2014 ID: 24

History of kiting (2 part)

"History of a kiting" - 2 part In 1822, George Pocock , a schoolteacher, made ​​stroller which pulled with the four kite. He did not paid the tax, because he rode without the horses.

01.04.2014 ID: 23

History of kiting (1 part)

History of kiting - 1 part Kiting - is a relatively new extreme sport with big speed, the incredible jumps and with the lots of positive emotions. The word "kite" has no relation to the child's play

30.03.2014 ID: 22

A little bit about kiting

The portal offers find schools and equipment for surfing and kiting. Well, suppose that pro surfing we know something , we even had have read the history of surf origin on this site. B

28.03.2014 ID: 21

Spin Out has jointed us!

One of the oldest windsurf stations in Tarifa has jointed our project! Wellcome on board! Now people all arround the world can book windsurf lessons right on Atlantic Ocean! Here you f

22.03.2014 ID: 20

Safety of kiters and surfers on the Andalusia waves

There are many kiters and surfers are dressed in shorts which they wear on wetsuit. What is the reason for doing this? Really, it is not quite clear for understanding why the kite- or wind-surfers hav

19.03.2014 ID: 19

Kite and business in Andalusia

The famous kite and surfing places in Spain are Tarifa, Estepona, Marbella, Rodilles, Roca Puta, Isla de Santa Marina. The surfers can find there the quality and diversity of the waves.

18.03.2014 ID: 18

We are on Google+

We are already on Google+. Surf, kite and wind surf in Spain, in Andalusia, in Cadiz, in Tarifa. Best kite and surf equipment center in Tarifa.

17.03.2014 ID: 17

photos from Carnaval 2014

Here you find a lot of photos from Carnaval in Tarifa.

12.03.2014 ID: 16

Poco sobre surf y kite en Tarifa

Grasias a la situación geográfica única en éste lugar el viento sopla constantemente. Por esto a Tarifa llaman la Meca Europea del surf. Surf y kite en Tarifa

08.03.2014 ID: 15

Kite-surfing in Tarifa for you

More and more people in the world are fond of wind-surfing and kite-surfing..... Although surfing appeared on Hawaii islands - nowadays it is popular particularly on all coasts of the world.