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06.03.2014 ID: 14

Kite de Tarifa

Сada vez a más personas les gusta el surf y el kite en el mundo. Es un deporte interesante y emocionante que no puede dejar indiferente a ninguno que está cerca de los atletas. Escuela de kite Tarifa

04.03.2014 ID: 13

Carnaval Tarifa

14-16 Of March it is going to be Carnaval in Tarifa

01.07.2017 ID: 12

Early history of kitesurfing development

Kitesurfing is relatively new kind of famous sport, it’s only around twenty years old. More and more people every year become fans of this extreme activity. Kite-surfing and kite-equipment in history

22.02.2014 ID: 11

Video kite-courses in Tarifa

Time to enjoy kite-surfing: you can find kite lessons and courses on our site. You may to find instructors, to make order for kite-equipment here. All on our site, in several minutes!

22.02.2014 ID: 10

History of surfing (2 part)

Second part of surfing's history: Increasing popularity before World War the second.

20.02.2014 ID: 9

History of surfing (1 part)

History of surfing, Duke Kahanamoku, first surfers, surfers, beach boys, ancient culture of Hawaiians, ‘Beach Boys of Waikiki’ surf club, find kite course Tarifa, find kite lessons

19.02.2014 ID: 8

Perfect base to find kite and surf course in Tarifa

On base you can choose in which locations in Tarifa region you prefer to take a lessons, the best dates for you and in what time you prefer to study with instructor.

18.02.2014 ID: 7

Surf-Tarifa vs. Sochi

"Sochi 2014 Live Sites" urban places celebrations and Surf-Tarifa

03.02.2014 ID: 6

new school

30.01.2014 Kite fun Tarifa has jointed our project!

11.01.2014 ID: 5

Начало работы нашего сайта

Начало работы нашего сайта. Мы ждем вас на ветрах Тарифы.

23.10.2013 ID: 4

Tarifa - Strände

Die Strände von Tarifa sind wieder uneingeschränkt nutzbar

28.11.2013 ID: 3

der novost

Today we are pleasure to announce the start of the project called We bring our knowledge, experience and energy to create a new service for Internet users.